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New Question and Answers as of March 11, 2005--Number 15

1. Does an employer need to complete a new Employer Application each time a Hire 2000 & 2, OJT or Job Start is done? Or, if it is an employer that we have done an Application with before, do we just need the Agreement?

Does your office need a copy of the Employer Application each time?

You can use the previous one if none of the information has changed. The form does ask for a job title, which may be different from the last time. If it is a new-type job, I suggest filling out the form for the ER and just having them sign it, to reduce the hassle/paperwork.

2. Has there been any conversation about using a Job Start program for a person on extension? Case managers have brought to my attention a couple of cases where the clients are actually job ready but they are on an extension. My thought on it was that it would be okay on a case-by-case basis as long as the case manager and job developer were in agreement and the Job Start would not run past the end date of the extension. What do you think?

Extensions: Let's set aside the obvious question of how a person who is job ready and has no real barriers to employment reach extension, anyway. Job Start cannot exceed the time the client has left. Do not assume another extension. So your thinking is correct.

3. Also wondering about the 2P family scenario. I am assuming only one person on a 2P case can be in a Job Start Program.

Correct. Only one Job Start to a household, since we have one benefit to pay to the employer.

4. One of my non-profits wanted a definition of what we mean by Comprehensive General Liability Insurance. Do they have to have certain limits etc? I am assuming that this is just a type of liability insurance, but they asked for clarification before they sign the Job Start paperwork.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance is standard business insurance all employers carry to protect the business from claims resulting from damages caused by their employees. We require it to protect the State by preventing any lawsuits or claims reaching the State. They can check with their insurance company (or probably any insurance company) for more info.

5. I read in the Job Start manual - page 17 that the clients TA benefit amount is frozen for the duration of the Job Start contract. I am assuming that if a contract for Job Start started before the seasonal reduction for a 2P family that the seasonal reduction would not take effect either. Is this correct.

You are correct. The benefit amount is frozen-which means that the amount going to the employer would not drop during the Summer and the higher amount would be used as the basis for their paycheck from the employer. If the JS contract ended during the Summer, the Seasonal Reduction would go back into effect if the family returned to TA.

6. Will the 50% seasonal reduction affect a Job Start that is ongoing?

There will be no reduction in the amount of payment to the employer when the seasonal reduction starts.

7. How about a Job Start that is set up while the seasonal reduction is in effect?

We are discussing a policy change to address this. Please stand by.

8. Would the amount going to the employers increase in October when the ATAP would normally have gone up or would it be set up differently?

Our goal is to give the employer a consistent amount that does not change during the contract. One that amount is set, then it won't go up or down. Our policy change should cover this also.

9. Does full time work have to mean 40 hours or can it be 37.5?

Full-time is defined by the organization for all their staff, but cannot be less than 35 hours for Job Start clients. As a practice, we don't offer less than 40 hours because fewer hours means fewer dollars for clients int heir paycheck, but we will accept down to 35.

10. Can Job Start be at a school?

'Job Start is not allowed at government agencies. This includes state, city, it extends to public school systems. Job Start would be allowable at a private school-either for profit or not for profit.

11.I have a client who is a four person household and would receive $1025.00 in ta benefits a month but has no housing expenses so only receives $720.00 per month. Does the employer have to guarantee the $1025.00 or only minimum wage?

Use the family size to determine the payment to the employer and the required take home pay for the client....$1025.00.

12. I have a two parent case where one parent is participating in a Job Start and the other was referred to Job Club. I reviewed the Job Start manual but wasn't able to locate anything on penalties. In the case I'm referring to the second parent is not exempt from work activities and is not participating in Job Club.

The Job Start manual states: Changes in the Household Job Start is structured so that the client's TA benefit amount is "frozen" for the duration of the Job Start contract. This is to ensure that the employer, whose payment is based on the TA benefit amount, has a dependable, consistent cash flow so they can plan and manage their business. However, clients' household situations do occasionally change over a six- month period. Clients are still required to report changes, and DPA is required to take action to those changes.

* If the change in household composition or income would cause the TA benefit to drop if the client were not in Job Start, no action will taken for TA during the duration of the Job Start position.

If I am reading this correctly, there would be no penalty imposed on the second parent. If this is the case would the second parent be subject to a penalty when the Job Start position ends?

A penalty can be imposed on any Food Stamp benefits the family is receiving, since those are not protected by the Job Start contract. Since the family is not actually receiving any TA benefits, no TA penalty is imposed during the duration of the contract. When the contract is completed, a penalty can be imposed against the TA cash benefits if the family starts receiving TA benefits again and the parent is still doing (or not doing) something that would warrant a penalty.

13. I have a two parent family in which one parent is in a Job Start position and the other just got a job; the combination of their incomes will close the ATAP, there will be no refuse cash option. Any idea how I would handle this? Is the Job Start employee still eligible for your case management services?

According to the Job Start manual, page 15, Job Start income does not count for Temporary Assistance. Unless the non-job start income closes the Temporary Assistance case on it's own the case will still be in refuse cash. Determine Medicaid eligibility first, coding the income from both jobs as "RE". Authorize ongoing Family Med or convert the case to Trans Med, whichever is appropriate. Then you can go back and enter the job start income as "CF", which will allow you to correctly determine the food stamp allotment while leaving the Temporary Assistance program in refuse cash status.

14. In a 2 parent household, one parent is in a job start, the second parent is in non-compliance, do you put a penalty on the parent in non-compliance even though they are not receiving TA?

Yes, if the situation justifies a penalty, then a penalty should be imposed. Because the HH is in refused case status and not receiving any TA benefit, there will be no TA case impact - could impact Food Stamps. The penalty will affect the TA benefit when the job start ends if the HH returns to receving TA benefits.

15. Can a person receiving ATAP but is coded "DF" in EIS participate in the Job Start program?

The Job Start manual does not address clients disqualified for fraud or because they are a drug felon. The Job Start manual will be updated to clarify that clients disqualified from participating in the ATAP program due to an intentional program violation are not eligible to participate in the Job Start Program. They are ineligible for the entire disqualification period. This mirrors the policy for disqualifications resulting from work-related penalties, which require the client to cure before being considered for Job Start. The salient difference for DF clients is that there is no cure, they must serve the out the disqualification period.

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